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        Self Publishers

        Bowker identifies self publishers as those who purchase 1-10 ISBNs and create 1-99 new titles a year.

        The term "metadata" refers to the title details of your book. It includes basic information, such as title and author. It also includes a description of your book and of the author.

        Here are some links where you can learn more about metadata:
        1) SelfPublishedauthor.com
        2) DiscoverBowker on Slideshare:
        3) Learn more about ISBNs
        4) Learn more below on how to submit your metadata to Bowker including reading about specific metadata types and our data submission methods.

        Title Data
        Print and Ebook
        Title Data
        Status and
        Price Updates
        How do
        I submit?

        View our Statement of Use, which explains how Bowker plans to use any metadata, including enhanced and enriched, and digital content for the publications you choose to supply.

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