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        Medium to Large Presses

        Bowker identifies medium and large presses as those who purchase more than 1000 ISBNs and create more than 500 new titles a year.

        Whether you create your metadata feed yourself or use a third party to create ONIX, accuracy and completeness should be your goals.

        Bowker asks that you try to synchronize your metadata across like products. This includes series metadata and metadata for hardcover, paperback, ebooks.

        Here are some links where you can learn more about metadata:
        1) For recordings and presentation slides, visit us at DiscoverBowker on Slideshare.
        2) Industry best practices for metadata -set by the Book Industry Study Group.
        3) Find out more information in Creating Effective ONIX Metadata: Five Keys to Promote Discovery.
        4)The Book Industry Communication group in the UK also has great information about metadata, which can be found on their website.
        5) Learn more below on how to submit your metadata to Bowker:

        Title Data
        Print and Ebook
        Title Data
        Status and
        Price Updates
        Table of
        How do
        I submit?

        View our Statement of Use, which explains how Bowker plans to use any metadata, including enhanced and enriched, and digital content for the publications you choose to supply.

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