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        Tools and Resources

        As the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information, Bowker offers products and services that make books easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience. From comprehensive information about books and authors to statistical reports on the publishing industry, you’ll find the authoritative information, tools, and resources you need at Bowker.

        Bowker Product Literature

        Product Literature

        Bowker provides customers with up-to-date literature that’s easy-to-download and print, including technical information, support materials, and more.

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        Bowker Data

        Based on analysis of its extensive data resources, Bowker provides free annual publishing trend reports such as the annual ISBN Output Report and self-publishing statistics summary.

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        Title Submissions

        Bowker accepts title submissions from publishers of all sizes and distributes this data to our network of library, retail, and school clients in the U.S., CA, U.K., N.Z.,and AU regions.

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        Thorpe-Bowker Publications

        Thorpe-Bowker offers magazine and online newsletter publications that cover the Australasian
        book industry. Sign up today!

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