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        Fast Facts

        1) Industry advice and perspective, giving you an inside scoop on the business
        2) Marketing tools for promoting your titles more effectively
        3) Listings of events specifically for self-published authors
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        Bowker offers tools, advice, and resources to help authors through the publishing process. Bowker is the official ISBN agency in the US and Australia, helping authors taking the publishing process into their own hands, and providing help when needed. At SelfPublishedAuthor.com, we give you industry advice and perspective to help you avoid common pitfalls and publish your book successfully.

        One-Stop Resource

        Provides a free, one-stop resource for authors interested in self-publishing.

        Valuable Tips

        Offers valuable tips, advice, and tricks of the trade from industry insiders sharing their experiences.

        Latest In Publishing

        Keeps you up to date with the latest developments in publishing.

        Your Partner in The Publishing Process

        This author-friendly website helps you connect with partners who can assist in all phases of the publishing process.

        Provides you with a "To Do" list

        Regular features including a "to do" list for self-publishing authors, and links to relevant, informative websites geared to the publishing industry.

        Free Newsletter

        A free newsletter subscription is available, to help keep you up to date with the latest trends.

        Step By Step Guidance

        Valuable, step-by-step guidance for getting started as an author and publisher.

        Inside Publishing

        Inside publishing: for authors with completed manuscripts, a guide through the publishing process, from editorial to distribution and sales.

        Lots of Resources

        A listing of events and resources to help you further your writing career
        – FAQs – you get answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as why you need ISBNs for your titles, and how to help readers discover your book.


        Visit Selfpublishedauthor.com or contact us for answers

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        Case Studies

        Marketing Tools

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        Bowker MyEditor

        My Editor

        Bowker offers a full range of editorial services to help ensure the quality of your book’s content.

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