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        QR Plus

        Fast Facts

        1) QRPlus QR Code captures reader’s attention
        2) QRPlus QR Code makes your book interactive
        3) QRPlus QR Code doesn't need to be changed if url changes
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        The QRPlus QR Code extends your book’s visibility by getting readers’ attention and enabling them to interact with your book.

        QRPlus QR Codes enable customers to interact with your title instantly! And, unlike a regular QR Code, QRPlus is Bowker’s Forever QR Code. You’ll never again spend money on a reprint just because your url has changed.

        QRPlus QR Codes are available for both the U.S. and Australia.

        To learn more:
        QRPlus QR Code US
        QRPlus QR Code Australia


        • QRPlus QR Code is an effective device for getting reader’s attention.
        • QRPlus QR Code allows reader to interact with the book.
        • QRPlus QR code does not need to be changed when url is changed.


        Bowker offers best-in-class customer service and technical support,so you can hit the ground running with your Bowker products and leverage everything they can do.

        For United States Customers

        For Australian Customers

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