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        Fast Facts

        1) Save money, review best price option
        2) Easy mobile device access
        3) Free mobile app for book searching

        Get Started

        Visit Bookwire.com

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        Bookwire™ helps people discover, evaluate, order, and experience books. Powered by Books in Print® database, Bookwire makes it easy to search and discover over 20 million book titles, including print, ebooks, audio books and more.

        Bookwire features popular category pages that readers can access to get information about bestsellers and new releases, and find titles that match their interests.

        Bookwire Author Pages and the Bookwire Author Index features author biographies and links to all titles available on Bookwire.com. Bookwire and Bowker’s SEO Title Cards make it easy for readers to share titles with their friends on major social networks, and conveniently links each title to multiple online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, where they can purchase the books they discover.

        Bookwire also as a free application that makes ordering a book on the go easier.

        How to get started:

        1. Download the new app from iTunes® or from Google play
        2. Read the How To and review instructions for linking to your Books in Print or Resources for College Libraries account.
        3. Go mobile!

        Find the Lowest Price

        Using the Bookwire™ app, either scan the barcode of any book, or perform a keyword search and receive results for that particular title and format; view a list of the lowest retail prices and make a purchase.

        Bowker Bookwire™ App

        The Bookwire™ app makes it easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience books on the go for consumers, librarians, and booksellers. It can be used on an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device.

        An Added Benefit for  Books In Print Subscribers

        Subscribers to Books In Print® can login to access book records to review right way or add to selected lists to review later.

        Rich Book Data

        Powered by Books in Print® database, Bookwire makes it easy to search and discover over 20 million book titles, including print, ebooks, audio books and more.




        Search by title, author, publisher, ISBN, etc.


        Scan a barcode or enter an ISBN from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device.


        Easily review book details.


        Buy or add a title to a list.


        Bowker offers best-in-class customer service and technical support, so you can hit the ground running with your Bowker products and leverage everything they can do.

        Contact Support

        Case Studies

        Marketing Tools

        Related Products

        Data Licensing Services

        Bowker metadata offers a wealth of information related to print books, ebooks, college textbooks, audio books, and more.

        Learn More

        QR Plus

        QRPlus QR Code

        The QRPlus QR code extends your book’s visibility by getting readers’ attention and enabling them to interact with your book.

        Learn More

        Bowker Standard Address Number (SAN)


        The Standard Address Number (SAN) is a unique seven-digit identifier used to signify a specific address of an organization in (or served by) the publishing industry.

        Learn More

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