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        Thorpe-Bowker BookNet

        Fast Facts

        1) Superior easy-to-use Inventory Management Solution
        2) Seamless integration with book industry tools
        3) "One-Stop" solution providing bookseller

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        Thorpe-Bowker®, in Australia, offer a wide-range of solutions to assist the publishing and bookselling communities to enrich their businesses.   Both ThorpeBowker and UniLink Data Systems (UniLink) understand that booksellers need to provide superior customer service to be competitive in today’s marketplace.  BookNet will simplify the way you work, increase your efficiencies and reduce your reliance on costly IT resources whilst making the delivery of great customer service effortless.

        BookNet, a UniLink Solution, has fast single and multi-store capabilities. It provides a stable platform that is easy to use on a day-to-day basis.  Modules include Point of Sale, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Special Orders, Reservations, Approvals, Quotations, Purchasing, Receiving, Supplier Returns, and Textbooks, Back to School, Cafe, Financials and ecommerce options.  Integrated EFTPOS is available for all major suppliers.  Financial information can be exported to common financial systems on a daily basis.

        Together, we are able to provide an superior inventory management system that includes extra features like electronic data exchange (EDI) making your ordering and receiving simple, seamless bibliographic content through Books in Print® and most importantly market intelligence from the Weekly Book Newsletter and Books+Publishing magazine keeping you updated on the latest news and events within the industry.

        This solution is focused on meeting your organisational needs in the retail, academic or school markets. This software is developed and supported by UniLink Data Systems, who have been delivering quality software solutions for over 25 years.  Both UniLink Data Systems and ThorpeBowker are proud to support book industry initiatives and continually drive development within the BookNet solution to provide greater value and efficiencies to our customers.  For more information click on [Learn More] and download a brochure.

        "Our shops do operate more efficiently as a result of using the BookNet system and the range of ThorpeBowker products. I would recommend BookNet and the ThorpeBowker products to any bookshop."
        Bill Concannon, CEO Mary Ryan’s stores

        BookNet will allow you to grow your business without driving up costs

        The BookNet base module:

        Includes point of sale, inventory management, special orders, approvals, ordering, receiving, returns to supplier, loyalty program and customer management. The system also supports integrated EFTPOS from all major providers.

        Comprehensive set of management reports:

        BookNet allows stores to monitor their performance against standard retail performance matrix. Most of these reports are available in CSV format, which means that they can be brought into Excel or Access and filtered as required. Financial information can be exported to major financial systems like MYOB and QuickBooks directly from BookNet. For enterprise finance systems, a finance file can be generated to integrate with the general ledger.

        Design Felixbility:

        Using the BookNet XML web toolset, sites are given full flexibility to design and build a website to their own specification (or use an existing website). An XML export can be automatically scheduled from BookNet, to update details on titles and their availability. The XML import to BookNet allows orders to be generated on your website and be received in the BookNet web orders area for processing through the system. The web interface also allows sales of items from outside of BookNet, from a third party data stream like Books In Print®. Orders of those items are passed back to BookNet, which then automatically create the items not already in the system from the data provided in the XML order.

        Support and Training:

        BookNet has a dedicated support team, offering telephone and internet based support, as well as emergency “site-down” support outside of normal business hours. We also provide access to a comprehensive and searchable Knowledge Base and Training Centre. The Knowledge Base provides users with access to solutions to a range of common issues and frequently asked questions. Whilst the Training Centre allows subscribers to have access to all of the latest training materials.

        Integrated inventory management system:

        Thorpe-Bowker and UniLink together, are able to provide an integrated inventory management system, EDI ordering and receiving via PacStream, seamless bibliographic content through Books in Print®, as well as market intelligence from the Weekly Book Newsletter and Books+Publishing magazine.



        Thorpe-Bowker offers best-in-class customer service and technical support.

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        Thorpe-Bowker Publications

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